Struthers London set the benchmark for bespoke British watchmaking

Struthers London set the benchmark for bespoke British watchmaking.

With a global production of only one piece, this is the first watch from Struthers bespoke service to be publicly shown.

The husband and wife watchmaking team offer a service which allows clients to join them on a journey; designing a unique watch from scratch and seeing their dream timepiece come to life. Affectionately nicknamed “Polly” in tribute to its new owner, the journey of this watch started nearly 12 months ago.

Sttuthers London

At a petite 28mm diameter, this watch was designed around 118 round brilliant and baguette diamonds recomissioned from a pair of the client’s earrings. Set in 18ct white gold, they now surround a remastered manual wind IWC calibre 96 movement from the 1940s.

While the Struthers are currently working on their own in-house movement, they will not be rushed with master watchmaker Craig Struthers saying “we are quite happy being the coach builders of British watchmaking for now, rescuing some of the finest watch movements from history and restoring them to the wrist is very close to my heart. This is the smallest movement we’ve remastered so far, squeezing 118 diamonds and a vintage mechanical movement into a 28mm case was a challenge, but it’s important to keep pushing our boundaries.”

Craig Struthers

British brands to date have been slow on the uptake in women’s fine watchmaking, with few offering ladies timepieces outside of half-sized versions of the gentleman’s ranges. Historian and watchmaker Rebecca Struthers says “we’re hugely proud at achieving a virtually 50/50 audience of both male and female watch collectors. As a female watchmaker it’s important to me that we maintain an educated approach to horology regardless of our client’s gender. The women who invest in our watches love the mechanics, they love they history and enjoy working with us throughout the project just as much as the guys”.

The scarce IWC calibre 96 was selected for its design and engineering, with plates and layout which perfectly span the bridge between beauty and durability. Early IWC watch movements held their own with some of the finest watch houses in their day. During the remastering process, the Struthers restored and improved the original Swiss lever calibre to run with 19 jewels, created an 18ct white gold dial and concealed secret engraving underneath known only to the watchmakers and owner.

The price for unique builds starts at £25,000, and the new tailored package allows the Struthers to work more closely with agents.

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