Q and A with Jack Row, Haute Accessory Designer

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“As a British craftsperson and designer, my foremost aim is to produce innovative, beautiful and extraordinary products, which are of the uppermost quality in both materials and design. I take great pride in the knowledge that the pieces I design and make will be valued as works of art, as much as functional items, to be passed down from generation to generation.”

Jack Row

We invited Jack Row, designer and creator behind some of the most lavish limited edition writing instruments from Great Britain to an intimate interview. We talk to him about youth, future plans and his favourite parts of London…

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When did you know you wanted to be an artisan goldsmith?

I’ve know that I wanted to be a goldsmith from perhaps about the age of 15, not long after I began my initial training. In terms of being an artisan that came a little later, perhaps around the age of 21. I’ve always enjoyed being creative but never really drawn the connection between craft and design; they were very much separate things. This all changed during my studies at university.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently working on a set of pens for a customer in Guernsey, alongside making a few stock items for a show in a few months, as well as a working on commission for a luxury brand that is also represented by SourceCulture.

What is your plan for you brand for this year?

We’re doing a few select events throughout the year including the Royal Windsor Horse Show between the 11th and 15th of May and also rebuilding the Jack Row website.

You’ve mentioned a commission; can we get some clues about the other party?

I’ve been commission by Struthers London to create a pen for use with their rather impressive ledger. It’s been designed together so although it’s very identifiable as my work in its form, there are subtle nods to the legacy of English watch-making and Craig and Rebecca’s particular style within the design.

Who are your favourite designers and what are your favourite design elements?

In the jewellery world, Ingo Henn and Tom Rucker do very different but equality impressive work. Outside of that sphere, I love gothic architecture in general. Particularly the English Gothic style. Check out the interior of Gloucester cathedral, it’s stunning.

Mirage Collection / Jack Row | SourceCulture

What is you favourite thing to do in London?

Visiting clients at their homes is always fun and I have quite a few in the London area. Other than that I love visiting museums. I don’t think there’s a better place in the word for the variety and quality as in London.

What are your favourite stores in Britain?

I always favour independent, specialist stores over heavily branded chains. Somewhere that offers a personal, unique experience. For something quintessentially British the Holland and Holland gun room in Chelsea is a must visit if you are in that area.

What was your 2016 New Year’s resolution?

To finish the renovation of our house.

What would be the ultimate gift for you?

A brand-new laser welder would be great for the studio.

Mirage Collection / Jack Row | SourceCulture

One cannot admire Jack. We highly recommend you explore London through the eyes of Jack Row. Experience the designs and quality a master craftsman artisan seeks out and uses for inspiration. Get to know Jack Row from a different perspective. If you are looking for a quintessentially British entertainment in May, make sure to pen down the date to the Royal Windsor Horse Show and book your tickets in advance to meet Jack, celebrate with the HM the Queen on her 90th birthday, and see the Horse Show.

Wishing Jack all the best on finishing the renovation to the house. As always we are greatly excited to see his newest upcoming works, so make sure to stay connected with SourceCulture via our facebook, twitter or instagram account and watch out as The Mirage Writing Instruments are coming soon to SourceCulture.

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