This Studded Bracelet consist of multiple parts, that the studs hold together. Experiments of the designer resulted an entirely unique design of this piece. This piece does not exist anywhere else in the world.

MATERIALS: Black patent cowhide and brass studs

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Budapest’s downtown buildings inspired designer Sarolta Végh to make her brand new collection: Budapest Ornaments.

The details of reliefs, pediments and other ornaments of the neoclassical buildings of the Hungarian capital make Sarolt’s new jewelry collection the most luxurious ever.

The Studded Bracelet and rest of the collection is more feminine than any of its predecessors – yet those expecting fine jewelry will be proven wrong. Intricately thought out and worked out details: yes, small-dimension: no. These grand pieces are made from quality leather and golden plated metal. Sarolta Végh designs for women who are confident, strong, and dare to express their personality.

Budapest Ornaments do not lack the signature industrial touch characteristic of every collection either. A variety of glossy screws and nuts gives the pieces shine and reflects the night glow of the magnificent city of Budapest and its buildings.


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