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Marlenha is a boutique luxury skincare company founded by Emanuele Marogna. It is a conscious skincare line for women dedicated to improve and transform tired and dry to hydrated youthful skin. The story behind the brand started when Emanuele met a skin specialist doctor near Venice started to talk about skin, women and Italy. The conversation turned into a project and a project into a cosmetics brand with a devotion to create elegant and quintessentially Italian skincare products that empowers and cherishes women.

Marlenha prides itself on combining Italy’s best kept beauty secrets, a variety of local natural ingredients and combine it with the latest skincare technology to provide a gentle line of beauty essentials that can be used day and night.

The first premium Marlenha line was created for women in their late thirties, forties and fifties in order to fortify their beautiful skin and give it the proper hydration, nourishment and rejuvenation. There four products that aim to cover all areas of concerns for dry and mature skin and to deliver noticeable results with a concoction of primarily natural ingredients found in Italy and a sprinkle of the latest skincare science.


In order to achieve the ultimate beautiful glow Marlenha recommends to complete the three phases of skin treatment routine: light daily nourishment and firming, rich intense hydration and pluming and the all-in-one rejuvenation with the following cosmetics.

The Blossom Elixir is a perfect compact day cream with the scent of rose that gives gentle daily nourishment and protects your skin daily with this hydrating, multi-action moisturiser is a perfect cream to use under make up. Formulated with antioxidant-rich argan oil, wrinkle-smoothing Octapeptide and Vitamin E, it helps to deliver a rejuvenating firming effect while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance.


For an effective deep tissue moisturiser Marlenha created the Flourish Moisturiser. It was formulated for dry or dehydrated complexions. This rich, multi-action cream moisturises the skin as it targets the signs of ageing with wrinkle-smoothing Octapeptide and collagen-boosting soy proteins. Italian extra-virgin olive oil, prickly pear cactus and a blend of hydrating hyaluronic acids help to soften skin and restore its natural plumpness.


To preserve the youth of your skin try the Bloom Anti-Age with one of the most powerful anti-ageing treatment yet. Formulated with a blend of Octapeptide, apple stem cells, borage oil and Vitamin E. This complete, multi-action moisturiser helps to restore firmness, plump fine lines and wrinkles and boost cell regeneration. Day by day, skin feels softer, smoother and looks visibly rejuvenated.


Last but not least, the Petal Delicate Eye Serum a special treatment for the eye area. This light, delicate serum contains a potent blend of active ingredients that help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A high concentration of peptides, Vitamin E and borage oil helps to boost collagen production while hyaluronic acids and natural plant extracts deliver the perfect amount of hydration. Eyes look fresher and visibly rejuvenated.


Marlenha is very transparent about the full list of ingredients they use in their products so please make sure to review the full list of ingredients in order to avoid any sort of allergic reactions. If you need some advice or have some questions regarding the products or ingredients please feel free to contact us.


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