Edition Scotland: Luxury Crafted Cashmere

Houndstooth Scarf / Camel | EDITION SCOTLAND

Jennifer Kent is a brilliant knitwear designer currently based out of Scotland. Kent studied at Glasglow School of Art, graduating with a first class degree in textile design and a Masters with distinction in textiles with an emphasis in fashion. Her exceptional talent earned herself an opportunity to intern in London amongst prestigious names in the industry such as Alexander McQueen, Clare Tough, Tom Scott, and Elie Tahari. Since then, Jennifer went on to establish her own studio in Scotland, launching her brand in 2013. Edition Scotland specializes in providing cashmere and merino accessories for men using the best materials and traditional craftsmanship for products of the highest quality.

Orange Herringbone Scarf | EDITION SCOTLAND

Currently featured by SourceCulture is a curated collection of premium Edition Scotland scarves. Each scarf is crafted with the finest cashmere available, sourced exclusively from cashmere herds located in Inner Mongolia. From there on, the fleece is hand dyed and spun by dexterous hands in the world’s most highly regarded cashmere mill, a leading expert in yarn since 1867. Once the yarn is acquired, every scarf is painstaking knitted and hand finished with for pure excellence guaranteed to impress.

Houndstooth Scarf / camel | EDITION SCOTLAND

The collection of Edition Scotland scarves offers a unique luxury experience. Each style is only accessible for a limited time in small production as well as individually numbered, creating a one of a kind, yet classic fashion statement well worth the investment. The collection features herringbone, houndstooth, and birdseye styles in neutral and jewel tones.

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Decorating Your Destination Retreat

When living a career-oriented lifestyle that requires you to constantly be on the go, it can be difficult to step away from the working mentality and appreciate those precious, few moments of peace. For this reason it is important to have a relaxing home away from home where you can truly unwind and revitalize the soul, such as an island retreat or seaside sanctuary. However, the carefully chosen décor is just as important as the destination itself, as its purpose is to create the ambiance necessary for rejuvenation and pleasure.


When shopping for your getaway location, embrace the elements of your surroundings and integrate them into your décor. For example, if your destination is tropical, incorporate vibrant colors within a warm palette for a positive boost. While it may be tempting to purchase a tropical or floral print, avoid the cliché theme by applying metallic accents and clean lines for a stylish contemporary twist. When decorating for a seaside destination, utilize soft grey, blue, and white hues for a focused and meditative environment.

Throws | Anna-Lisa Smith

Your destination retreat should also be as comfortable as possible. Investing in beautiful handcrafted furniture with gentle fabric and ultimate cushioning will entirely transform your leisure experience. Impeccably hand woven pillows and throws are also a perfect way to feel cozy and as well as insulate you from the island breeze.

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