Art Basel Miami 2015 Guide

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As yesterday and this morning the Preview Day has began for Art Basel Miami collectors and VIPs are browsing the world’s most exclusive art exhibition in Miami Beach for the 14th year in a row. The showcase not only creates an exquisite atmosphere for art connoisseurs but it also serves as a bustling social occasion. Another indicator that Art Basel Miami is starting is the news that are overflowing with information on the proper etiquette about dresscodes and mannerisms. When in doubt best is to visit Forbes for guidance.

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In terms of the structure of the event, Art Basel Miami is spread over 500,000 square-feet of exhibition space which is divided into seven sectors, Galleries, Nova, Positions, Edition, Kabinett, Public, Film, and Magazines.

“These sectors allow visitors to navigate the fair and experience the many dimensions of modern and contemporary art. For instance, much of the fair consists of the Galleries sector where individual galleries present a range of work from their artists inside their booths. Positions consists of booths with work by a single artist and Nova features new works. Editions feature leading publishers of editions works and prints.”

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The most engaging sector is considered to be the Public consisting of outdoor sculptures, installations and performance art plus it is free to the public.

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According to Vogue this year Little Haiti is the place to visit and explore during Art Basel Miami. It is neighbour to the famous Wynwhood district and predicted to be the next big art and cultural centre of Miami. The old industrial spaces are being picked up by fancy galleries, restaurants and hotels to give the area its Renaissance. The district has a fabulous vibe and cultural heritage that would be an appropriate location to any event that is art and design related. (Let’s just hope that with the new modern developments it won’t lose its old Haitian identity that made this district so charming and unique.)

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In order to achieve a pleasant and effortless day out at Art Basel Miami we suggest visiting Artsy’s new page, Art Basel Miami, and downloading its iPhone app to get instant assistance from their personalized guide throughout the whole exhibition and receive updates everyday.

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